Who we are

Kechiq is an online platform specializing in watches and is dedicated to the public and category operators.

The marketplace

Our online shop offers a selection of over 30,000 watches from various brands and ranging in prices. The products on sale are both from new collections and from outlets, and are therefore sellable at both standard price lists and with major discounts. In addition to our marketplace, we are also present on other platforms and buying groups, also offering our expertise in B2B for our trusted retailers.

Our partners

Our partners are authorized manufacturers, wholesalers, outlets and distributors. The product prices are automatically updated with an advanced repricing system that automatically assigns the final price based on our competitors' offers in the reference market, so that the customer can buy the product at the best possible price while respecting the pricing policies imposed by the partner. The marketplace allows them to extend their visibility to other external platforms that are part of our distribution network, such as Amazon, eBay, ePrice, C-Discount, Fnac and many more.

Our logistics

Our internal logistics service is able to offer fast and professional service: every day it submits the products to strict quality controls, carefully packages the items and sends them worldwide.

Kechiq only ships via the best couriers such as FedEx, the world's leading shipping provider, which guarantees total insurance coverage on shipped goods; shipments are usually delivered within 24h in Europe, 48h in America and 72h in the rest of the world.

Our guarantees

The products sold on Kechiq have their official 2-year warranty. All products of Kechiq are new, authentic and not counterfeit. They have warranty certificates, original packaging and are subject to strict quality controls.

If the product must be returned, you have 100 days to return the product free of charge and at no extra cost. Our qualified staff is always available to help you with your purchases and offer you the best fashion tips for your outfit. The security of your purchases is important to us, which is why our online payments are processed exclusively via the PayPal circuit, which provides security and exclusive guarantees.

Purchase process

Step 1
The customer chooses the product he wants and makes the purchase.
The customer's order is forwarded by Kechiq to its partners.
Step 2
The partners send the product to Kechiq logistics.
The product is subjected to strict quality controls and is carefully packaged and given to the courier.
The product is delivered to the final customer for free with FedEx express service.
Step 3
The customer has 100 days to return the product for free.

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Plus glass insurance
Includes glass repair in the event of a full breakdown during the 2-year legal guarantee period. Includes crystal repair / replacement, home collection and return shipment from the service centre. Does not include repair of scratches, chips or other damage caused by falling watch.
Warranty Plus 1 year
1 year extension of validity in addition to the 2-year legal guarantee
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Pagamenti sicuri
La sicurezza dei tuoi acquisti è importante per noi, per questo motivo i pagamenti online vengono elaborati esclusivamente tramite circuito PayPal, che fornisce sicurezza e garanzie esclusive.
2 anni di garanzia
I prodotti “Venduti e Spediti da Kechiq” godono sempre della garanzia ufficiale del produttore. Questo permette di poter godere dei servizi di post-vednita direttamente dal brand produttore. I prodotti venduti sul marketplace dai
Reso gratuito entro 100 giorni
Hai 100 giorni di tempo per poter rendere il prodotto gratuitamente e senza spese di spedizione aggiuntive. Dopo 14 giorni di calendario dalla consegna del prodotto verrà effettuato il rimborso sul medesimo metodo di pagamento con cui è stato elaborato l'ordine . A partire dal 15° giorno il prodotto non potrà essere rimborsato ma verrà inoltrato un codice coupon del medesimo valore da consumare nuovamente su Kechiq entro 12 mesi dalla data di emissione.
Prodotto nuovo e autentico
Tutti i nostri prodotti sono nuovi, autentici e non soggetti a contraffazioni. Ogni prodotto è correlato di certificati di garanzia, confezioni originali e sottoposto a rigidi controlli di qualità prima della spedizione.
We are present in 8 countries
To ensure faster and more efficient shipments, Kechiq is present with various offices in multiple parts of the world.